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Weight loss tips for women – Episode 1 | How To Burn Belly Fat | Zaibs Kitchen

Weight loss tips for women
How To Burn Belly Fat, 8 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

What foods should you eat if you want to burn excess abdominal fat?
In this video, you find a list of some of the best foods that burn belly fat. No pills, just pure, healthy foods that can help burn belly fat.

1. Grape Fruit in your Daily Diet fasten your weight loose and not need to change diet plan. High level of water help you hydrate fruits contains fat burning enzymes which make grape fruit super fruit.
2. Yogurt have four different bioactive compound that can help you to reduce your fat belly. It helps into food digestion in good manner and also helpful for stay full.
3. Avocado you may not know it but it is magic food because of its richness in various important nutritions . It have monounsaturated fatty acid that help to reduce belly fat. It also have fibber content that keep you hunger at bay.
4. Cucumber is one of the most refreshing food and have low calorie content, one full cucumber contains 45 calories that is perfect for your stomach. It have 96 water that make you cool and stay healthy.
5. Lean Meat and Fish, Luna Salmon chicken and turkey, they have omega 3s that can help to prevent stress chemical that make fat. If you want quick then use turkey.
6. Barley have high fibre and protein and have low fat content help to reduce cravings and provide study energy to the body
7. Pomegranates helps to increase metabolism and get rid of toxin from body. its ideal drink juice glass in breakfast or add with salad bowl in lunch.
8. Cherries is best if you take some before to going bed it have content that help you to sleep well. It also have antioxidant that help to reduce belly fat

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