Weight Loss Tips 

weight loss in 7 days || सात दिनों में मोटापा कम करें || weight loss tips in hindi

weight loss in 7 days
Wherever everyone is watching today, obesity is crying every day, the heat of the age of thirty-seven years of age is troubled by the obesity of the 40 years of age, with more rest and royal splendor, the victim of obesity, living with obesity. Dangerous diseases can be avoided, but it is important to find out why obesity is growing. Many of my patients come to me saying that we should weigh our weight Dhauna want, but our body is very bad Many patients come by me saying that we want to increase our weight but our bodies are very bad. Looks like you can eat any of the fruits except eat fortnight Eat for your whole family. Eat your father’s food. Eat all the raw vegetables the next day. The last day of the pagan papars and the result of weight reduction will be seen on this day you can drink a cup of rice and as much as you can. Do not mix sweet or salt in fruit juice; Drink natural naturally also; How many vegetables can you eat? Do not drink fruit juice before the seventh day.

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