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Tips to Keep the Weight Off — Part 2

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Keeping the weight off that you lost can be easier when you adopt these tried-and-true tools for eating healthy every day.

Diabetic and bariatric nutritionist Lori Skube shared her weight management tips with me:

Grazing – Don’t do it, especially if you’ve had bariatric weight loss surgery. “Stick with your prescribed meal and snack plan and don’t be tempted to deviate,” Lori says. “You’d be surprised how many extra calories can be consumed during the day just by nibbling or snacking here and there.”

Meal Planning – I have a bariatric patient whose wife prepares his daily meals for the workday. If it’s not in the Tupperware container, he doesn’t eat it. Purchase what you need for the next few days and put it into portion-measured containers to take and go. This will keep you from starving because you have your food close at hand at ready to enjoy.

Support – Get support from family, friends, co-workers and a weight loss group who understands firsthand what you are experiencing. In my own bariatric support group at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold, I see at every meeting how powerful giving and receiving support can be. Lost your way? A support group can also motivate you to get back-on-track.

Cooking Methods – When you cook the food (and avoid the pre-packaged, processed stuff) you know exactly what you are consuming. When you prepare your meal, you are in control–not the faceless chef in the restaurant kitchen.

Weight loss maintenance takes practice–like developing any new habit. But before long, you’ll see how easy meal planning makes maintaining your weight loss–and helps to offset frustrating weight gain.

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