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Slimming with the use of apple cider vinegar has many followers. How is it that drinking apple cider vinegar so quickly helps you get rid of unnecessary kilograms? Is apple juice drunk everyday enough to lose weight? Get the facts and myths about slimming apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar, preferably hand-made, is a good measure to support slimming. It is a great seasoning for salads and meats and a product with healing properties. This is due to the ingredients that contain the apple: valuable polyphenols (chlorogenic acid and catechin), beta-carotene and flavonoids (Florydzin, quercetin), as well as minerals, vitamins and pectins and acetic, citric and lactic acids. Is apple cider, however, a panacea for slimming?

Apple cider vinegar and slimming: vinegar helps you quickly lose excess fat. FALSEHOOD
At the beginning of treatment with apple cider, the weight really goes down quickly. But this is the effect of the draining properties of apple cider vinegar. We primarily get rid of the excess of accumulated water. If we remember about drinking the right amount of liquid, we support the detoxifying effect of apple cider vinegar. Getting rid of the deposits also affects the weight.

Apple cider vinegar accelerates fat burning. TRUTH
Ingredients contained in apples, and thus in apple vinegar, accelerate the splitting of fats. So, if we use a rational diet limiting the amount of calories, drinking apple vinegar will help the body to use body fat stock. By the way we will lower our cholesterol levels.

Apple cider vinegar increases the metabolic rate. TRUTH
Drinking apple vinegar supports digestion, because then more gastric juices are released and digestive enzymes are synthesized faster. If we add to this the properties of vinegar that support the decomposition of fat and the effect of pectins and phytochemicals affecting various processes occurring in the body and detoxifying properties – we gain an improvement in metabolism. It is worth remembering, however, that you can not cherish apple vinegar without restrictions, because you can irritate the stomach mucosa and lead to the formation of ulcers. people with a sensitive stomach should reach rather for apple vinegar supplements.

Just drink apple vinegar to lose weight. FALSEHOOD
The cure with apple vinegar alone will not help to get rid of overweight if we do not change the way of feeding that has made us fat. You must eliminate or drastically reduce sweets, cakes and white bread and flavored yogurts as well as sweet desserts based on cheese, semolina etc. They are a source of many unnecessary calories, as well as sweet carbonated drinks and fancy drinks. When we limit the amount of empty calories, we will remember about at least a half-hour stroll every day and we will start drinking apple cider vinegar – the success of slimming stone.

The use of apple cider vinegar is healthy and avoids the yo-yo effect. TRUTH
Contrary to the common opinion, fat burning due to the use of apple cider vinegar is slow. So let’s slow down at a reasonable pace. However, you must remember not to throw yourself on sweets, beer and bread, and fatty meat after treatment. If we start to overeat again – even apple cider vinegar will not stop the yo-yo effect

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