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this is awesome running for weight loss how to do it without injuring yourself

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unning for Weight Loss: How to Do it Without Injuring Yourself.
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If you’re looking to start running for weight loss, it’s important to make sure that you take the right steps beforehand to make sure that you don’t injure yourself. An injury will only put you that much further away from losing the weight.
A lot of people believe that overweight people shouldn’t run because it can be bad on your joints and it’s easier to injure yourself. While there is some truth to that to some degree, running can still be a really great way to shed weight if you do it the right way.

Studies show that people who run are consistently leaner than people who do equivalent amounts of other types of exercise.
Before you throw on the sporty headband and download “Eye of the Tiger” to your phone, remember that being successful at running means setting realistic goals for yourself and listening to your body. You can do long-term damage to yourself if you don’t.

Ready to get started?

number 1 See Your Doctor Before You Start Running for Weight Loss.
Running can be rough on your body, especially if you’re considered obese or haven’t exercised in a while. It’s amazing for your heart, mental state, and well-being in general, but it might not be the right exercise for you right now.

Maybe it’s time to get a physical, anyway.

Your doctor will check your heart, blood pressure, any injuries you’ve had in the past, joint health, meds, diseases you might have, and anything else he or she thinks is important.

The way you eat might also need to change when you start a running program, so ask your doctor or nutritionist for tips about dieting.

Sports physicians stress that it’s important to educate yourself about running before you begin. A study done in the Netherlands found that novice runners training for a 5k marathon were less likely to have a running-related injury when they were part of an online injury prevention program.

If you can, find a good sports doctor who can help you with getting started.

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