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Six Tips for Weight Loss With Minimum Diet and Minimum Workout – Hindi

If you want to lose weight then it is not difficult and you can ideally lose weight just by controlling your diet. In fact, many studies proved it that for weightloss 80% result comes from diet and 20% result comes from the workout.

That means if you can control your diet to a certain level, you can control your weight as well and you can easily lose weight without any diet or workout.

In this video, you can find six simple, easy and highly effective tips to lose weight. Talking about these six tips to lose weight you can find them below.

1)Say no to fatty food
2)Change Your relationship with your food
3)Say no to sugar
4)Include vegetable in your diet
5)Say no to your dinner, eat that in the evening
6)Keep drinking clean fresh water

if you can follow these tips you can easily lose your weight without going into any diet or workout.

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