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Quarantine Weight Loss Diet in Urdu/Hindi | Isolation men Wazan Kam Karne Ka Tarika | Dietitian Tips

Many people are worried that they might get out of this quarantine flabbier and less healthy. It is not a surprise though, a pantry full of snacks and comfort food cannot result in toned body. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis it is very tempting to eat whatever you want while staying at home.

Many people will say that its not a time to worry about weight and eat whatever you like and relax. This is a valid point but excessive eating of unhealthy foods can lead towards a unhealthy body and can have direct impact on the immune system. Strong Immunity is very important during the time of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Weight loss is about eating healthy and physically active in your life so it can help you stay fit and healthy. During this quarantine we need nothing more than to be healthy to fight against this virus with our immunity that why staying healthy and not gaining weight is the best thing to do these days.

Watch Ms. Sarah Farooqi, an expert Nutritionist from Lahore giving advice on how to maintain weight during the lockdown due to coronavirus (COVID-19). She also suggests some healthy alternatives for the snack to make and eat at home so you can enjoy eating and stay healthy.

Ms. Sarah Farooqi is a Dietitian practicing at Shapes, Lahore. Ms. Sarah is also available for Online Video Consultation at oladoc.com. To book an appointment with Ms. Sarah, please visit the following link or call 042-3890-0939.

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