Weight Loss Tips 

Lose 50+ Pounds with These Diet and Weight Loss Tips

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Losing those “last 10 pounds” is one thing—pretty much anybody can adopt a restrictive diet for a few weeks and watch the number on the scale drop.But losing 50 or more pounds is a very different proposition.”This type of weight loss isn’t just about changing a diet,” says Devon Golem, PhD, RD, director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics at New Mexico State University, who’s helped patients achieve major weight loss goals.”It’s about changing mindset, changing behaviors, and changing your environment, too.They all go together.”Sounds intimidating, right? But trust us, even dramatic weight loss is absolutely doable.You just need a solid game plan that incorporates these 10 proven strategies for shedding significant weight sustainably.Remember: You’ve got this! ?.

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