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How to maintain weight after weight loss| Best tips to maintain weight without exercise & hard Diet

Hello viewers, welcome to Health TV.ENG. Today’s video is for those, who are eagerly waiting to know that what is the actual way for weight maintenance, because, it is not worthy to get back all the all previous weight, after 4-5 months later of weight loss. In this video, you get a special tips for your weight maintenance.
In most cases, people become frustrated and worried, when all the previous weight come back after losing weight. Many people say that I am maintaining a healthy life-style and eat less, then what’s the reason for my ‘weight gain’.
I want to clear you something first, this video is for those, who maintain a balance diet and healthy-lifestyle and eat junk foods 2-3 times a week. Not for those, who eat fast foods regularly and do not do any physical activities.
Let’s talk about the weight maintenance tips. After losing weight, if you follow a healthy life-style and eat moderately, do exercise 5 days a weeks and sometimes, you won’t follow the right way to maintain your weight. It is okay to you. Therefore, today, I am giving you tips, from this you won’t need to follow any hard diet plan and hard exercise. You just need to maintain 1 formula at night.
You need to finish your dinner within 8 pm. In your dinner, you need to take 2 table spoons of rice and 1 cup or 150gm of mixed vegetables with low oil. Be membered that you should take 1 cup of mixed vegetables not only 1 -2 vegetables. Try to add 4-5 vegetables and which should be cooked with less amount of oil.
If you finish your dinner within 8 pm with vegetables and rice, I am giving you the 100% guarantee, you won’t need to worry about your weight maintenance. Also, some people complain that their lower portion is fat than the upper part. By following only this 1 formula, you will also get this advantage and your whole body will get have a nice body shape.
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