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How Coffee Affects on Your Weight Loss Journey | weight loss tips

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Did you know coffee can help you in weight management? Researchers from the University of Nottingham in the UK have found that coffee affects your weight. Yes, you have read it right! A study has been published in the Journal Scientific Reports concluded that caffeine increases brown fat. You must be curious how coffee affects your weight, right? The reason is, caffeine in the coffee stimulates brown fat production in the body. As brown fat activity burns energy, it helps with weight loss. According to recent research, coffee is secret to fighting obesity. lets discuss what brown fat is, and how it plays role in weight loss.

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What Is Brown Fat?
It’s also called brown adipose, found deep within our torso and neck. Brown fat contains fat cell types, which is different from ‘white fat’ cells, usually found around waists. These brown fat cells work in accordance to the environment, they work by increasing or decreasing the level of energy fat cells can burn when ‘activated,’ to produce heat within the body.
Brown fat works differently as compared to other fats in the body, and often in response to cold, said Professor Michael Symonds.
Increasing brown fat cells activity improves blood sugar control, improves blood lipid levels, and extra calories burnt assist in weight loss. However, people with a lower mass index have a higher level of brown fat.

During the research process, experiment was conducted on the cells from mice; these were grown into fat cells in Petri dishes. In some of the samples, scientists added caffeine, to see whether caffeinated cells developed more brown fat characteristics (known as browning).
However, the dose of caffeine determined based on what would be the level of concentration which browned the cells but didn’t kill mice. So from there, it’s concluded that caffeine is somewhere helpful in stimulating brown fat cells, which then affect your weight loss efforts.
Coffee as a whole food does contain many other components, like antioxidants, that are helpful for weight loss.

Caffeine May also Help Avert Weight Regain after Weight Loss.
According to a study, it has been founded that caffeine prevents women from regaining weight after they lost weight. That’s true! With caffeinated coffee, people can lose weight and can prevent weight regain. According to researchers, 60 women on a diet, 30 got caffeine, and 30 didn’t. All women at the diet plan for 6 weeks. Based on the study, women who got caffeine kept losing weight but at a lower rate. But those who didn’t get caffeine regained 0.75kg in a month.
It’s important to know that, you may need to consume caffeinated coffee frequently for this to work because according to a study of NCBI, which used only 100 mg of caffeine daily, didn’t show the same benefits.
We hope this video will help you understand how coffee affects your weight.

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