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Fat Loss Tips | Lockdown workout at Home | FitMonkey 6 in 1 Home Gym Tummy Trimmer by Snapdeal

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Why use a complex gym equipment when you can lose your belly fat at home with this FITMONKEY tummy trimmer. This easy to use home exercise tool reduces your belly fat and also improves your body posture. The resistance training tool workouts your arms, abdominal, shoulders, back and spine. It not only helps you lose your fat but also to tone your overall body.

“Snapdeal Private Limited (“Snapdeal”) disclaims any and all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law for any and all decisions you make or reliance upon the contents of this Material (“Material”). Before beginning any exercise program or meal plan, consult with your healthcare professional first to design an appropriate exercise prescription and nutrition plan to avoid any potential harm of doing any inappropriate exercises for a particular problem or following any specific nutritional advice.
Reliance upon and use of any and all contents of this Material are solely at your own risk. Snapdeal does not guarantee the accuracy of the contents or that you will achieve any particular result in reliance thereon.

If you have any injury, disease, disability or other concerns about starting an exercise program or nutritional plan, consult your healthcare provider first. If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercises or dietary regimen, stop immediately.
Snapdeal does not provide any physical training, therapy, nutritionist, dietician or any other medical services or advices.”

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