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motapa keise kam Karen | pet keise jaldi kam karen | wajan keise ghataye | fat loss easy tips by My fitness workout

hi I am Biplab Bhattacharya my channel naam- my fitness workout
I am a physical instructor and state and national player, national yoga judge. Maine bohot hi Kam Dino me pet ki sarbi Kam Kiya he, Bajan/wajan ghataya he, motapa Kam Kiya he. Mera fat loss ka easy tips main share Kar Raha huum. YouTube me bohot sare expert jeise ke guru maan , jeet selal , Abhinav mahajan , Rohit khatri , amit panghal , fitmuscle TV , etc ke vedios he. unse Hume bohot guidance mil Sakta he. lekin Maine self experience share Kiya he. bohot hi asaan tarika he, easy steps he, useful he , effective he
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