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faith based weight loss | christian weight loss tips for women of faith

faith based weight loss | christian weight loss tips for women of faith
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*To make it clear this program is a faith based Christian weight loss program that helps you develop a healthy mind, body and spirit. This program is designed to help individuals overcome struggling with food and sugar cravings through emotional physical and spiritual breakthroughs. To sum it up, I teach how mood and food is connected to your faith.
*So you are probably wondering why I’m so passionate and here is my story of my struggles with food. It all started very young, in fact it was so young from the get-go when I was born a 12 lb baby.
*It was common for me to hear from loved one’s as a cute thing, little Renee was born baby elephant, that affected my self-image even as a toddler. I spent overeating which caused me to spend much time in a state of isolation. I felt alone, I felt ugly and I felt rejected. I was deeply hurt and confused and in that confusion I’ll tell you this, I just couldn’t come out of my shell. I was very very sad, mentally crippled, in fact I was so sad at age 12 that I wanted to in my life.

So before I go further I need to explain that my mind was wavering, I was tired of looking at myself and feeling awful. I felt like no one would ever understand me and that I could not fit in anywhere. I needed people’s approval or I felt self-pity. I was always craving junk food especially after dinner and here’s the thing, I did not know why!

So I kept going back and forth from day-to-day frustration some of you can identify. It can get very frustrating and we just don’t know where to turn. So here’s a question, do you know why you want to neglect your body? Do we feel pain and emptiness? I was stuck in negative mindset and for me it could be from rejection. For many adults it could be due to bad relationships and your dreams felt shattered. There could be multiple reasons and we need to think deeply to find reasons why we do what we do.
One day I saw this little poster on the wall that read, “ I know I’m somebody because God don’t make no junk. I guess I thought of myself as junk, you know when you have very little self worth. That was me!
GOING FORWARD…I plan on living the rest of my life to pull as many people as I can out of that dark pit! That means you! I’m going to help you to get healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually especially for those who suffer with binge-eating. If you suffer with unhealthy food habits than I want you to know that there is the solution.
faith based weight loss | christian weight loss tips for women of faith


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