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Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula Review in Hindi | By Ishan

#Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula Review in Hindi | By Ishan

In this video you will know about Nature Sure’s Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula For Men and women.

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Made with pure and top-grade natural ingredients, Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula helps reduce weight by improving digestion and increasing frequency of urination. It is based on a scientifically-proven Ayurvedic therapy used since thousands of years for balancing vata (air) and kapha (earth) doshas (maladies) to manage excessive fat (medoroga or sthaulya) and lose weight naturally.

The human body consists of seven dhatus (tissues). Fat people tend to get nourished excessively only by meda dhatu (fatty tissue) while the remaining six dhatus remain undernourished. This leads to an abnormal accumulation of kapha, which hampers fat burn. Such kapha-dominant body types tend to easily gain excess weight, but struggle to lose it.

Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight-loss Formula regulates jatharagni (body’s inner heat necessary for digestion) so that excess calories do not get converted into storage fat. Its diuretic effect flushes out toxins through frequent urination and promotes cellular health. Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula increases bio-availability of nutrients to unlock energy and vitality and prevents chronic fatigue.

This herbo-mineral compound has properties of bio-scraping, bio-enhancing, digestive and astringent. It also neutralizes Kapha and Vata doshas.

Ingredients: Agnimantha (Clerodendrum phlomidis) 100mg, Shilajit (Asphaltum punjabianum) 400mg

Safety Information: Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children and infants. Consult doctor for possible contraindications if you are on other medication.

Legal Disclaimer: Color of product may vary due to herbal ingredients. Results vary from person to person due to genetic, lifestyle, dietary, environmental and other factors.

Directions: Two capsules each with lukewarm water before meals in morning and evening, or as directed by the physician

BMI Chart Download : https://goo.gl/Et75pA

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