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7 BEST Weight Loss Tips (For Men Over 50)

Weight loss for older men is hard! Follow the 7 best weight loss tips for men over 50!
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What does it take to lose weight and keep it off once you hit 50 years old? Learn how to lose weight while busy by following these 7 men’s health and weight loss tips. These tips will help with weight loss for dads on a busy schedule.

7 Weight Loss Tips For Men Over 50:
#1 (2:03) SLEEP – Get 7 hours of quality sleep each night

Fitness 101: How You Can Sleep More for Weight Loss

#2 (3:24) MEAL TIMING – Develop a meal plan that fits into your schedule
#3 (5:51) WATER INTAKE – (Your weight x 0.5) = oz. of water per day
#4 (7:14) DAILY ACTIVITY – Get your body moving! You don’t need to be doing rigorous exercise, but you need to be active.
#5 (8:59) MRT WORKOUTS – Combine cardio, strength training, and flexibility into one quick 24min workout to boost your metabolism.
#6 (10:28) SMART SUPPLEMENTATION – We recommend a quality probiotic, multivitamins, fish oil, Vitamin D3, and a quality protein powder
#7 (11:33) MINDSET – Find your source of motivation that will keep you on track

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