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6 Morning habits that cause unwanted weight gain | weight loss tips

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Summary –

All of us can relate to the struggle that stems from unwanted weight gain; even when you keep a strict check on your diet and rigorously sweat it out at the gym, there seems to be an unknown way through which the stubborn fats make it to your body. If you still experiencing some discrepancies regarding this disorder then, think carefully and you will have your answer served right on the table. The morning is inarguably the most important part of a day, and the slightest irregularity in its routine can be responsible for disrupting the entire system. 

1. Not absorbing the morning sunlight

A recent study has claimed that the longer you lay on your bed with the drapes closed and room dark, the higher are your chances of gaining weight. Reportedly, people who push themselves out of the bed when it is bright and sunny and absorbs the sunlight in the right amount have more BMI when compared to those who don’t. The reason supporting this claim lies in the fact that when the blue light of the sun travels through our skin and reaches the fat cells, the lipid droplets start shedding their size thereby, becoming less sustainable to preserve fat. It is said that a maximum of 20-30 minutes in the sun largely alters a person’s BMI, for the better.  

2. Skipping weigh-in

The next mistake that you could be committing in the morning is refraining yourself from the weigh-in. Most people prefer steering away from the ambiguity of the results put forward by the weighing machine and thus, assumes that it would be wiser to keep away from it. However, if you are on a weight-loss mission, then nothing better could set your goal towards it than the weigh-in. a one-year study has asserted that by delaying weigh-in, you welcome weight; this is especially true in the case of women. Set a routine for your weigh-in sessions so that you have a definite object right in front of you and resultantly can keep a track of the progress you are making. 

3. Not making your bed 

Well, this might seem like a surprise to most of our viewers, but not making your bed soon after you wake up in the morning can fabricate a lot of ordeals when trying to lose weight. According to researches, people who habitually make their beds are 19% more tending to attain proper rest and sleep during the night when contrasted against their counterparts. Needless to say, a good night’s sleep plays a major role in balancing the BMI.

4. Depending on too much coffee and leaving out water 
There is no other element that precedes the contribution of water in successfully driving away those extra inches. Feeding the body optimum quantities of water regulates metabolism, hydrates it and speedily flushes out the major toxins and fat. In the morning, especially, the body needs water because it is looking for a component to capitalize upon as the agent to eventually break down all the nutrients extracted while you were sleeping in the night. Therefore, rather than depending on coffee and depriving your system of the imperative hydration, drink a glass of water as soon as you step off your bed.

5. Resorting to the snooze button 

We know that hitting the snooze button every morning sounds tempting but, the repercussions associated with it are too grave to be taken a chance with. Oversleeping directly opens doors to poor diet, disturbed sleep cycle and weight gain and justifiably so. Not getting enough sleep accelerates slower down your appetite and triggers unforeseen cravings. Sleeping for too long has been found to have the same effects as eating junk food because the body is engaged in a constant struggle to sync itself with the appropriate routine. To avoid blood sugar fluctuation and eliminate every scope of obesity, practice getting up immediately when the alarm rings.

6. Skipping breakfast 

Breakfast is hailed as the most crucial meal of the day and if you want to stay healthy, you should pack your meal with lots of fiber and protein to get you energetically through the day. A sumptuous breakfast will keep you full for a long time and rule out the chances of overeating during lunch and dinner. Reversely, missing out on breakfast will incite untimely cravings and compel you to gorge on those unhealthy snacks. 

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