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2 Day Fast Results | My Butt + Regret | Weight Loss Journey 2019 [Day 105]

2 Day Fast Results for Day 104 of my weight loss journey. I am not stopping. Join me if you need to lose weight with NO EXCUSES. You got this. I believe you can do it!

I also talk about growing my butt so it is round and shapely and not a flat butt lol.

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Day 1 of My Fasting Weight Loss Journey https://youtu.be/T0MemjxDSl0

What are your weight loss goals 2019? I am taking daily action and using weight loss motivation to hit my weight loss goal 2019 of 100 pounds down from my heaviest weight.

I am currently on a 5 day fast. I have done 2 day fasting so far. Feeling good. I did fasted cardio workout yesterday.

I love fasting for weight loss. I used the following fasting methods:

1. Intermittent fasting. I usually do a 18, 16 fast
2. OMAD one meal a day.
3. Fasting for more than 24 hours.

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My goal weight is yet to be determined but I am thinking either 185 or 173.2 lbs. 173.2 lbs would mean I lost 100 pounds on this journey. I would like to reach my goal weight in a total time of 5 months or less.

Fast weight loss can be achieved doing prolonged fasting here and there. I have used snake diet drinking snake juice and other zero calorie beverages. I no longer do the snake juice diet but rather do water fasting or zero calorie beverage fasting. I do still add the snake juice diet ingredients to my water. I also add lemon juice sometimes.

In 2019, I would like my weight loss channel to motivate you to crush your weight loss goals and life goals. 2019 goal crushers is what I call my followers!

We also will focus on weight loss motivation and weight loss tips to KEEP the weight off.

Losing weight fast or losing weight slowly is all fine and dandy but keeping that weight off is the hardest part.

I will continue to upload my weight loss vlog 2019 daily to motivate myself and keep myself accountable. It is a win-win for us all lol.

Please start with my weight loss vlog day 1 so you can really see how far I have come and my true struggle with weight loss and keeping it off.

Fasting for weight loss is really the best diet I have found.

I am now over 40 and I want to to be a woman weight loss example to anyone 40, 41 and beyond.

January 1st many people started their weight loss journey 2019 and I for one know they and YOU can do it. You just have to grind daily and stay focused.

My 2019 weight loss challenge to you is KEEP going if you fall down. Do Not cheat days in a row. I had my fasting cheat yesterday but I am back on the wagon TODAY. Do not let your fasting cheat, OMAD cheat, or intermittent fasting cheat go too long.

As you see in my weight loss journey I have lost and gained and lost and gained the same weight a few times. If I would have stayed focused a little more I would have already reached my weight loss goals.

Thank you so much for watching my 2 day fast results and my weight loss journey 2019 day 105. I will be weighing in tomorrow for the 3 day fast results.

Let’s crush our 2019 goals everyone!

Bye bye obesity, sugar addiction and carb indulgences everyday.

Share your weight loss 2019 goals and if you have a weight loss vlog or weight loss journey channel please let me know. I enjoy watching others work had at losing weight.

Weightloss can be achieved with steady hard work and creating new healthy habits and following a good diet.

Fasting for weight loss is just my way but that is not the only good way to weight loss success.

Please like my video and come back daily for the weight loss motivation.

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